Tuition to Stunt or Film Schools cost Ten's of Thousands of Dollars!  Our Tuition Matches the cost of an Average Monthly Gym Membership!
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12 Week Program

Stunt & Film School - $195

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Stunt & Film School is geared towards teens/adults who are looking to work actively in the Entertainment Industry, and/or want to build their resume/reel for college applications or furthering their body of work. Certificate will be issued upon completion.

Kids Academy is geared towards kids ages 8-12, and consists of learning visual formats, storytelling structures, and basic skills necessary to create visual content in the realm of tv, film, and video.

All students will be credited for their work.  No prior experience necessary.

There's Nothing More Valuable Than Experience

Most school's have you learn theory on content creation.  We do it.  This is the most hands on, fun, and collaborative experience available on the market.
- Team Free Flow (Founders of Awesome)