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Free Flow Media Academy
Passionate Athletes and Artists collaborating with Content Creators in a Media based 
"Playing Field"
Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling
Every industry in the world has already moved, or is now moving toward content marketing. Videos are the most powerful and influential tools for content marketing.

Translate your physical training into marketable skills
There comes a point in every athlete/artist journey, where you wonder why you have trained so long and so hard to attain a particular skill set? Creating and sharing content is how you can put those skills to use.  
Increase your Tech Skills
Every industry uses video, it's likely, about 60% of the newest skills you have attained in the last 5-7 years, were learned off youtube, or some other video based learning platform.
Learn Stunts at the Largest Parkour Gym on the West Coast
Free Flow Academy is a gym, but at it's core, an ACADEMY.   We are a family friendly, all age operation that focuses on building up BODY and MIND. 
Create Content 
Our Academy is focused on producing TV shows, feature length films, and web content
Be Visible
We will distribute our films through traditional and non-traditional mediums. More visibility = more opportunities for our artists and our community.

Businesses, Individuals, and Organizations can benefit from the visibility of our projects through our cast, crew, screening, and distribution exposure.  Sponsors will also have the extended exposure of our gym clientele.  Thousands of students flow through our facility on a monthly basis, and are also engaged through social media and our email newsletter.  

In an effort to lower the cost of tuition for our students, we have a set budget that we crowdfund.  If we meet our budget standard, tuition costs for students are lowered, or even waived completely.  

Tuition and crowdfunds go directly towards production costs.  It is imperative that we are properly funded in order to be taken seriously. It is important we take every opportunity to stand out and be visible, and create something that is high quality and shows our commitment to standards of excellence.  

Free Flow Academy offers a scholarship to committed individuals who can add a great deal of production value to our projects and to the team. Applicants must have a minimum 2 years of professional experience in the Entertainment Industry.

Our Scholarship application will go live once we have reached our minimum budget goal of $8,000.

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